About Us

Welcome to our website. We manufacture high-quality audio equipment for music lovers who appreciate technical solutions that cannot be found in the competition.

Probably many of you know the musical world that surrounds us. Music is a composition of perfect sounds, harmony and timing. To get the best out of your favorite music tastes, you need more than just the perfect headphones or source. You still need an amplifier. On our website, we have the honor to present you great-sounding tube designs.

The thought to produce audio equipment came from the need to listen to music in the best quality. There are many such companies on the market, but ours is distinguished by excellent workmanship and relatively low prices. Quality and price come from independence from external subcontractors. Only a few things is outsourced. We have machines and devices to avoid subcontractors failure and ensure excellent quality and repeatability at the place of production.

Krzysztof Miller

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