Miltra amplifiers are created in one place with passion and commitment. We rarely use the services of subcontractors, as it poses the risk of poor quality of the delivered elements. Thanks to many detailed inspections, we are sure of the quality of workmanship. We take care of every detail.

Our products stand out from other manufacturers. We use very good quality components in our devices. To ensure the highest durability of tubes, each device is equipped with a microprocessor-based voltage management. Crackling potentiometers are frequent and annoying failures for lovers of audio equipment after years of using. They are not present in our products. The volume control is based on digital control. In individual devices you will find solutions such as a relay-controlled analog resistor ladder, digitally controlled, thanks to which it is absolutely transparent to the sound. The hermetic nature of the relays ensures the durability of the contacts and therefore practically eternal durability. We also took care of the durability of the entire structure. It is made of the best quality materials. Our device as the only one on the market has a volume knob mounted on a double bearing which makes it move smoothly and precisely. There is no way to break it. The front panel is made of quality aluminum, usually 12mm thick. The casings are usually made of 1.5 mm thick sheet metal. This allows for exceptional structural rigidity.